Ez Steprx Inc.
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warehouse-closed door pharmacy. currently doing about 7 million per year in delivered pharmaceutials. medications elder population primarily medicare patients and a few small animal veternarians and several large animal veternarians. the compounding service that we provide attracts the veternarians as our pharmacist has his doctorate (PHARM D) and has completed a hospital residency. His interest in compounding grew from seeing the results that he observed at that time on the in-patients. the vternarians here in this area who use the compounding service primarily are large animal veternarians. they usually operate from a special designed truck that literally carries the vet office to the patient. horses are very popular in california. they rank #1 in the country for horse ownership. they service private owners as well as race tracks and breeders. the dressage and eventing horses have become wildly popular in the bay area and since california enjoys a mild climate it is a year round business. this side of the business is the newest addition. we really enjoy working with the vets. thank you. established business in 2004.


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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1. Veterinary Supplies: Other Veterinary Supplies


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