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IZO SpA is a leading Italian manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines. It was established back in 1969 as a part of a public institute for experimental zoo-technical prophylaxis, and it was recently (2005) privatised, starting an even greater boost of commercial effort and crossing international borders in order to work on a worldwide scale. IZO SpA is known in over 20 countries as a company which is flexible in solutions and dynamic in research.IZO SpA is active in research, diagnosis and testing of foodstuffs for human as well as animal use, and at the same develops specific products for the prevention and treatment of disease in livestock, poultry and pigs.Constant testing and scientific research has the double goal of improving the effectiveness of existing vaccines and developing new biological products, with the target to study and solve new and specific problems. Indeed we are aware that only properly targeted treatments can solve the country-specific problems related to livestock, and IZO SpA is committed to this


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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1. Veterinary Supplies: Other Veterinary Supplies


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