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Arosol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is an eminent Manufacturer of Animal Food Products such as Herbal Feed Additives, Organic Feed Additives, Veterinary Products, Animal Feed Supplements, Herbal Methionine, Herbal Choline, Liver Stimulants, Organic Anti-Diarrhoeals, Respiratory Tonic Eucalyptus Based, Immunity Boosters, Toxin Binders, Acidifiers, Oral Calcium, Broilers And Layers Premix, Metho Or Amino Chelated Mineral Mixtures for Poultry, Cattle, Swine, Equine, Aqua & Pets.Kindly visit our website , We are an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company with GMP+ quality certification and HACCP certificate as per EU certified company. Our high quality Organic Veterinary Products, manufactured after extensive research is in demand across the world. Highly Technical Staff, backed with scientific as well as ethno-veterinary knowledge, work with dedication to meet the demand for superior quality.Our Product Range are as follows : Herbal Natural MethionineToxin Binders & AcidifiersHerbal Choline & LysineOral Calcium, Chelated Mineral Mixtures & Poultry PremixesRespiratory & Diarrhoea ProductsLiver Tonic & Immunity ProductsPoultry and Swine ProductsCattle Ruminants ProductsArosol Pet & Horses Products


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Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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Alternative Medicines: Alternative Medicines
Livestock Supplies: Broilers, Bull Semen, Calves, Cattle, Cattle Embryos, Cows, Layers, Livestock, Pigs, Sheep
Veterinary Products: Veterinary Products
Pet Supplies: Pet Food


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$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000


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